First Level


1-Learning: Students at this level learn several skills according to the following language levels:


2-This is the level of the alphabets and sounds.


3-The lexical level: This level includes a wide variety of vocabulary such as the names of fruit and vegetables, colors, numbers, means of transportation, clothes, parts of the body, parts of the house, directions, seasons, months, days of the week, colors, family, jobs, etc.


4-The structural/morphological level: This level deals with the use of definite articles, singular and plural nouns , feminine and masculine nouns , tanween, interrogative forms , and  derivations. This level starts with single words , then it deals with short sentences.


5-The exchanging level: simple expression techniques and basic daily communication skills are dealt with in this level.


 -Students at the end of this level are expected to be able to understand everyday expressions and simple sentences aimed at fulfilling basic needs. They can introduce themselves to others, and answer questions about themselves, where they live, the people they know, and the things they own.