Third level

 1-The philosophy of the third level depends largely on what students have acquired in terms of lexical competence, knowledge of grammar, listening experience and ability to speak to people in Arabic which they have gained through studying in the previous two levels.

2-Students at this level receive an advanced level of vocabulary and grammar through. deeper contexts represented in a group of texts which are truly rich in knowledge and culture. Therefore, the third book is based on texts taken from Arab history and modern time as well as texts that tell stories about  some of the most famous Arab and international figures.

3-The texts of this level are supplemented with a rich variety of varied exercises that enhance the use of vocabulary through exercises on sentence and word formation, antonyms , synonyms,  singular or plural nouns as well as comprehension exercises and basic language techniques

- Students at the end of this level are expected to be able to express ideas in simple and coherent sentences about familiar topics and about areas of their personal interest.