Who We Are

A Brief record of facts

UJLC, a pioneer in the field of teaching Arabic for non-native speakers, started to deliver its services in 1979. Since then, thousands of students from all over the world have received high quality education at the center, a safe learning environment that allows students to get the best of the learning experience – thanks to our professional staff members, highly educated in the field. To ensure our reputation and uniqueness, we are always encouraging our students to participate in extra-curricular activities that make the learning experience more immersive and more enjoyable too. Teaching the language in context is one among many of our best practices at the center.

UJLC delivers its services through the following programs:

1.The General Program

The General program has (9) levels. Upon entrance, the enrolled students must take a replacement test, whose result determines the level the student fits in the most. At each level, the students are supposed to attend classes, five days a week- namely, 20 hours per week for 16 weeks in spring and fall semesters and 8 weeks in the summer semester

Evening classes are also offered upon request and need.


The calendar can be viewed by visiting this our calendar page & course description can be viewed by following this link.  

Fees can be found here or under our "How to apply" section.


Fall USD1850.00

Spring USD1850.00

Summer USD1250.00



Custom-made Programs

The center convenes special programs for students seeking to learn Arabic for particular - purposes within a limited time frame or for those students wishing to have a couple extra hours to further their learning.

Such programs are characterized by a specially developed syllabus that responds to the needs and interests of the students. These tailored programs allow students to learn standard or colloquial Arabic and Arabic jargon for media, politics, diplomacy, business, and culture, or any other academic field in conjunction with other departments, nominating the best of their teaching staff to do the job.


Tailored courses USD60.00 per hour per group.

If the number of students in a group exceeds 6 up to 16, additional USD7.00 per person will be added.

(Each student pays USD 50 as registeration fees).





Based on a carefully designed syllabus, our distinguished teaching staff teaches book series authored by the best of our professors at the center and published by our dear university. The series consists of 6 books available for our students in the bookstore located on the campus.

Other Services and Activities

 The language partner: UJLC is unique in that it offers the language partner program - The center can help match the enrolled with a language partner whose schedule and preferences align with theirs.

The Language assistant: the enrolled students can work together with language - assistants whose mission is to guide students to prepare for their homework and other tasks.

Internet service: UJLC supports free internet access and Wi-Fi 

Sporting activities: in conjunction with the Deanship of the Students Affairs and volunteering students at JU, UJLC organizes a number of sporting activities to improve our students’ daily lives.

A computer Laboratory: UJLC’s computer lab is always open for our students during official working hours.

Cultural Clubs: in addition to panel discussions, the students can be engaged in various activities related to Arab Culture such as calligraphy and folk dance.

Other Activities: the students themselves take part in preparing for several activities such as the traditional dish, Ramadan Iftar, breakfast gathering, and general lectures in languages, religion, and culture.

Orientation tour: upon the students’ arrival, UJLC give the enrolled students a  comprehensive orientation tour to get familiar with the services the university can present to them.

Trips: weekly trips to different sites in Jordan are held for students. Not only are these  trips fun, but they also give the students the opportunity to expand their cultural and historical knowledge of the country.