Academic Activities
A lecture titled "Arabic Literature in Denmark"

​Dr. June Dhay, an Associate Professor, from Copenhagen University gave a lecture titled "Arabic Literature in Denmark" in The language Center at The University of Jordan. She gave a summary of the most widespread languages as English Language as well as the less used ones as Danish and Armenian Languages. Then, there was an open discussion between Dr. Dahy and the students about novels and short stories. The students exchanged their experiences in reading translated literature works like Ghassan Kanfani's Rijal fi ashams, Suhail Idrees's  Alharam and  Najeeb Mahfouz's Zeqaq Al- Madaq and  Khan AL-Khalili. Additionally, Dr. Dahy mentioned narrative literary works translated from Arabic to Danish Language. Taha Hussein – Dean of Arabic Literature- was at the top of the list. Moreover, Dr. Dahy and the teachers in The Language Center talked about the reason of choosing Nawal Sa'adawi's works by Danish translators. Finally, Dr. Dahy highlighted some Palestinian Literary works translated to Danish such as Mahmoud Darweesh's.