Director Message
Dear prospective students,
I am pleased to welcome you to the University of Jordan Language Center (UJLC) website, and I hope this site will be of great help and provide answers to all of your questions about our Arabic program for speakers of other languages(ASOL) and the Arabic & English communication skills courses. Here, at the UJLC, we are proud of the experience we have gained throughout the years in teaching Arabic for non-native speakers from all over the world and for the University communication skills courses offered each semester to well over 9000 University students. What makes our Arabic for speakers of other languages (ASOL) program special is the diversity of its students and renowned curriculum and instructors. With over 300 international students registered in our ASOL program each semester, the Language Center has become a pioneer in the field and number one choice for most of the international students worldwide. The University of Jordan, where the UJLC is located, is a diverse, multi-cultural environment. 
Naturally, it is the best place to learn Arabic in its native environment, where students are in contact with the language inside the classroom and outside, where they can engage in valuable friendships with Jordanian students and know more about the rich culture of the Middle East. My office and staff will support your success at the Language Center. In conclusion, we will make all efforts and will provide all educational means available to serve that goal and make your stay in Jordan an unforgettable one. This site will tell you part of the story. To know the whole story, you should join us. We pledge we will do our best not to make things just words on paper but rather promises and dreams that do come true. 
Welcome home. 
Dr. Ismail AL-Mazaidah.