Arabic for Speakers of Other Languages Section Overview

Here at the Language Center, we are proud of the experience we have gained throughout the years in teaching Arabic for non-native speakers from all over the world.


What makes our Arabic for speakers of other languages (ASOL) program special is the diversity of its students and renowned curriculum and instructors. With over 300 international students registered in our ASOL program each semester, the Language Center has become a pioneer in the field and number one choice for most of the international students worldwide.

Arabic for Speakers of Other Languages Section Staff
Hadia Adel Khatebi
Associate Professor
Basma Ahmed Sedki Dajani
Associate Professor
Qutayba Yousef Abdullah Al-Habashneh
Associate Professor
Mothanna Assasfeh
Associate Professor
Fatima Mohammad Amin Omari
Associate Professor
Muna Alhaj Saleh Al-Ajrami
Assistant Professor
Ibrahim Hasan Muhamad AlRababah
Assistant Professor
Afnan ALnjjar
Assistant Professor
khetam Mohammad Bakhit AL-Wazzan
Dalal Al-Assaf
Jameleh Abu Maghnam
Nadia Al-Assaf
Ola AlKayed
Academic Advisor for Foreign Students
Amani Irsheidat