Fifth level

 1-This level comes after the learner has acquired good reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills.

2-Students at this level receive a wide range of higher-level and more advanced texts that represent Arab civilization and Arab thought as well as  addressing the Arab present and examining the pros and cons of Arab societies.

3-At this level, authentic texts are presented – without any interference - from some Arabic texts, in addition to articles and journalistic investigations that hardly leave any aspect of social, political, and economic life without having a say in it.

 4-The language exercises given in this level take into consideration the diverse practical aspect. They include linguistic, morphological, grammatical, and stylistic applications, as they come in accordance with the actual needs of students as well as various life situations in a way that meets the learner's daily need to communicate in Arabic.

 5-Students use their linguistic skills in conversation and in writing as the role of the instructor declines in conversation lessons, Thus, students take the greatest role in creating their own texts and representing their linguistic competence in dialogues  inspired from Arab societies, and they become able to present these texts orally or in writing.

- At the end of this level, it is expected that students will be able to understand the basic contents of more difficult texts on specific and general topics. They can also understand specialized discussions and express their views on several topics in a clear and detailed style.