Second level

1-This level continues to introduce students to basic structures by expanding their vocabulary competence in the most in various areas, using the vocabulary they are studying to form sentences, and becoming able to describe what is happening around them.

2-The language functions of this level include the ability to write correct Arabic sentences, and to talk easily about themselves, their food preferences, their hobbies, their studies as well as what they like and what they dislike.

3-Culture at this level is an integral part of students' learning since students learn about Arab culture and customs as they make general progress through greetings, visiting a friend, and being involved in social events.

-At the end of this level, however, students are expected to be able to understand sentences and commonly used expressions that relate to different areas, such as: providing information about themselves and their families, shopping, work, and their environment. They can also communicate in simple routine situations, become active in smooth and direct exchange, and give information about familiar  and common things and ideas through using simple expressions.