Why Study @ UJLC

The University of Jordan campus is nestled on a beautiful hill in the north-western part of the capital, Amman. It provides excellent opportunities for students enrolled in the program to interact with students who are native Arabic speakers in what is called the Language Partner Program (LPP). Such interaction is vital for the acquisition of both standard and colloquial Arabic due to the rich intellectual life in Jordan.


The campus is well secured and a safe place.


Courses are taught by highly qualified native speakers, who are capable of creating a friendly learning environment. Students are encouraged to participate actively in various academic and cultural activities.


The Center also organizes weekly extra-curricular activities including guided tours every Saturday to historical and cultural sites in Jordan such as Petra, Jarash, the Dead Sea, the Baptism site, Wadi Rum and many more.


Other extra-curricular activities include: open days, receptions, breakfast gatherings, field visits, guest speakers, workshops, and graduation ceremonies. 


Classes at UJLC are small to meet individual needs.


All classrooms are equipped with projectors, satellite TVs, and high quality audio systems.


Students may enjoy inexpensive meals or sandwiches at the UJ restaurant or cafeterias.


Spoken Jordanian is the closest to Modern Standard Arabic (MSA); hence, students will learn and use both at ease.


Students could apply to be exempted from paying the residency extension fees.