History of The Center

The Language Center at the University of Jordan (UJLC) was established by a Royal Decree in 1979 with a view to opening up to the local and global communities. UJLC teaches Arabic and English communication skills to all incoming UJ students and teaches Arabic to non-native speakers from all over the globe.The Language Center has, since then, expanded its network of educational excellence.


Over the past 36 years, the Center has become a favorite destination to study abroad programs and individuals from all over the world who want to improve their Arabic in the language’s native environment.   UJLC has contributed and takes huge pride in the preservation and promotion of the Arabic language. Students come to   study     Arabic at UJLC for a unique experience they will never forget the rest of their lives.   The Language center consists of three sections: 

·          Arabic

·          English

·          Arabic for Speakers of Other Languages   


The Language Center also holds, in collaboration with ETS, the National English Test (NET-TOEFL ITP). NET is an entry exam for all individuals who wish to pursue their graduate studies at Jordanian universities.