How to Apply
Applying and registering for our programs is easy.
Students need to show up before or at the time of the registration period with the following documents:
Application / registration form
Two passport size photos
Photocopy of passport (photo and entry stamp pages only)
Fees in cash (in USD).
Students who need proof of enrollment can submit the application form via mail, email or online. All other students can register in person before the designated deadline after receiving an acceptance letter.
Upon arrival to UJLC, Students need to head to the International Students’ Advisor’s office ISO (LC’S second floor) with the above documents. They will be given a payment form and then head to Cairo-Amman bank on campus to pay the fees in cash in US dollars. Students return to ISO to hand in the payment receipt. Then they can sit for the placement test on the designated date.
Please note that it is advised that you have the amount in full at the time of registration. We do not accept credit cards either.
After successfully registering in one of our programs, students will be issued a university ID card.
Remember that students who studied Arabic before will sit for a placement exam usually immediately after the registration period ends.
To apply, click on the following link and fill the application form.

Fall USD1850.00
Spring USD1850.00
Summer USD1250.00
Tailored courses USD60.00 per hour per group. If the number of students in a group exceeds 6 up to 16, additional USD7.00 per person will be added.
Quarter semester USD1650.00