Qs & As

Q1: How can I apply?

A1: The application process is easy. Please see "how to apply" section.

Q2: Is there an age limitation to join the regular program?

A2: Yes. An applicant must be 16 years of age or over at the time of registration 

Q3: Do I need an acceptance letter to join the regular program?

A3: You don’t need an acceptance letter to join the regular program. Some students though might want to get an acceptance letter to get a visa to Jordan. Citizen of certain countries may get an entry visa at the point of entry. There would be no need for an acceptance letter then.  

Q4: Can I use credit card to pay the fees or can I pay online?

A4: Till this moment we only accept cash money. Students have to pay in US Dollars at Cairo-Amman bank on campus. 

Q5: When does your summer semester start?

A5: Please visit our calendar page​ for semesters start and end dates. 

Q6: Where can I view the UJ map?

A6: The UJ map can be accessed from here 

Q7: Am I medically insured at UJLC?

A7: No you are not fully covered. We offer general medical tereatment at UJ student's Clinic only. This does not include accedents, operations or medical examination charges.​​​​