The University of Jordan Language Center (UJLC) is one of the leading institutions in the region and the world in teaching Arabic to non-native speakers.  UJLC started offering Arabic courses for speakers of other languages in 1979. Since then, UJLC has taught Arabic to thousands of students from all parts of the world. UJLC has become known for its excellent teaching and friendly atmosphere and is committed to providing quality language instruction and over the years, the Arabic program has since grown professionally and reputation. The Language Center has a vision and a commitment to provide exemplary instruction and extra-curricular activities to all its students to ensure a unique immersion experience. Arabic at UJLC is taught not only through linguistic frames but also through literature, culture, history, media, and common daily life materials.
The Arabic program is designed to deliver Arabic language instruction to non-native speakers from all over the world. The UJLC offers six levels, and may offer nine levels based on the results of a placement test, of intensive Arabic (Beginners, intermediate and advanced) throughout the year. The fall and spring semesters last for (16) weeks each including registration and examinations. The summer semester lasts for (9) weeks including registration and examinations. Classes in the fall and spring semesters run for 20 hours per week from Sunday through Thursday while classes in the summer semester run for (20) hours per week from Sunday to Thursday. There are two sessions per day: the first part starts at 9:00 and ends at 10:40 a.m. and the second part starts at 11:00 a.m. and ends at 12:40 p.m. with a short break between the two sessions. (note: every class hour is 50 minutes). Students will mainly learn modern standard Arabic in addition to a small portion of spoken Arabic integrated into the program. Our main focus in classes is on MSA. The unique nature of the UJ campus life and community will also boost students learning of spoken Arabic.  On campus students will integrate with the Arabic language all the time inside the classrooms and out. The various activities that UJ holds and the different backgrounds of its students will also serve as a supporting learning strategy.
Students with previous knowledge of Arabic are required to sit for a placement exam at the beginning of each semester. Those who have not studied Arabic will join level one.
Students joining UJLC with different and diverse cultural backgrounds enrich the experience at UJLC. Students will forge valuable friendships and contacts not only with fellow classmates but also with locals as well. The Language Partner Program (LPP) represents a unique way of complementing what students are studying inside the classroom.
Culture plays a vital role in our program. Through LPP, trips, guest speakers and cultural clubs, students will experience first-hand the richness of Jordanian culture and will have, as a result, a better understanding of Arabic language.

Evening classes are also offered upon request and need.
The calendar can be viewed by visiting this our calendar page & course description can be viewed by following this link.  
Fees can be found here or under our "How to apply" section.
Fall USD1850.00
Spring USD1850.00
Summer USD1250.00
In the regular program, textbooks authored by UJLC’s talented instructors are used. UJLC authored six books of Arabic with supplementary materials carefully designed to covers the necessary tools for students to practice and master the four basic language skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening, and the sub skills of vocabulary, pronunciation, and grammar. The Language Center is a pioneer in the country and the region in authoring its own books and the curriculum has carefully been designed to match and complement the students’ needs, demands and backgrounds.
Our students come first. That is why they will have the best tuition from the very best instructors – dynamic, qualified, highly skilled professionals experienced in teaching Arabic to speakers of other languages. We aspire to provide our students with the perfect language and cultural experience, and that is why our teachers inspire and challenge students to maximize their potential. Once hired, new instructors are required to undergo extensive classroom and on-the-job training. Our instructors hold Ph.D. and M.A. degrees in Arabic and in teaching Arabic as a second language. The intense focus we place on hiring the best instructors for our programs results in not just superior program outcomes, but it keeps our students coming back. Our instructors not only share their experiences but also their passion and devotion to the programs offered by UJLC. Their work is always driven by and focused on student learning. 
The Language Center also offers customized courses for individual or small groups throughout the year and upon request to those who cannot join the regular program, to students or groups who want to take extra hours of Arabic or to those who want to study Arabic for specific purposes for shorter or longer periods of times.
With this option, students will tailor and customize a course that corresponds to their needs in terms of dates, times, and content. The focus in these courses is on students’ individual and specific needs. Students may study standard or/and colloquial Arabic, the language of media, politics, diplomacy, business, culture or any other discipline in Arabic or in English and in collaboratiion with other UJ departments. The program costs USD60 per hour per group (note: A group consists of 1- 6 students). If the number of students in a group exceeds 6 up to 16, additional USD7 per person will be added. (Each student pays USD 50 as registeration fees).
In these customized courses, special attention may be placed on culture or specific aspects of life or history from the region. Thus, some activities such as field trips, guest speakers and presentations may be ortganized.  To that end, we hire the best in the field to guarantee a worthwhile experience with satisfactory and guaranteed results.
Tailored courses USD60.00 per hour per group.
If the number of students in a group exceeds 6 up to 16, additional USD7.00 per person will be added.
(Each student pays USD 50 as registeration fees).


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