A talent ceremony for foreign students in the Arabic language section for non-native speakers at the Language Center

The Language Center held a party for the talents of foreign students in the Language Center, in the presence of Dr. Salama Al-Naimat, Vice President of the University of Jordan for Humanitarian Faculties Affairs, and the Australian Deputy Ambassador.
  Al-Naimat expressed his thanks and appreciation for the efforts and role of the Language Center in teaching the Arabic language to foreign students, qualifying them and enabling them to master it, and imparting to them its culture, stressing the distinction of the center's programs and its great interest in it.

  He called on the students to be ambassadors in their countries, especially after learning a lot about the Arabic language, Jordan's history and culture, through the activities, events and visits that the center carries out to the historical and archaeological areas in Jordan.

  In turn, the director of the center, Dr. Sami Ababneh, stated that the ceremony was the culmination of the efforts of the teachers who have done a lot to provide non-Arabic speaking students with linguistic expertise, culture and skills.

 The ceremony was marked by the participation of students from many nationalities in its various sections, which were based on the center's vision and modern strategy in teaching languages ​​in general, and the Arabic language for non-native speakers in particular.

 The ceremony included a variety of activities, including theatrical performances, patriotic and poetic poems, language games, poetic debates, singing and competitions.