• New Professional Diploma Program

    The program aims to preparing highly qualified professionals knowledgeable in the theories and applications, and well prepared to use modern methodologies and technology in this field. Launching this program affirms UJ's openness to the other and role, as a leading institution, in bringing together different civilizations.

  • The Middlebury School in Jordan

Student Voice's

Mirjam Purkar Thofer/ Austria/ 6th level

دراسة العربية في مركز اللغات تحد ومكافأة في نفس الوقت ولكنه فرصة كبيرة للتقدم في اللغة ويوفر المركز بيئة مناسبة للتعلم من خلال المدرسين والتنظيم الجي...Read More

Job Van Der POEL/ The Netherlands

The language center is a very multicultural place for students to study Arabic at all levels. From the very beginning to near literary analysis. Clas...Read More

Seokjun Moon

It was impressive. Many students from all different countries in the world gathered up in Language Center to study Arabic. They were highly motivated...Read More

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